Philosophy & Goals

The other two goals of Guide Academy is to instruct students main beliefs related to Islam and other religions.


This will strengthen the students Islamic identity, giving them high self-confidence and enable them to excel and succeed as well as rounded individuals. Guide Academy trains and educates children to: 

  • Understand their religious ideology as a valuable divine merits and are strong on Wellayat of the Ahlol-Bait and no one else.

  • Apply virtuous characters keeping away from transgressions and to seek excellent traits specially honesty and trustworthiness.

  • Accepts his/her religious rituals as a protection for individual and community and has desire for some like; resorting, pilgrimage and modesty.

  • Has specialty (expertise) in beneficial and needed professions and continuously employs seeking knowledge and experimentation.

  • Evolve individual traits for example: self confidence, creativity, originality, critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Posses needed social knowledge to relate to others in society (protecting his/her beliefs) able to relate and respect different people, and has cooperative, consulting, law obedient, and generous personality.

  • Will be sensitive about the future of the Muslims and practices his responsibilities towards the community in the areas of ordering to good and forbidding evil.

  • Uses perfect role models in family relations and knows his responsibilities towards them specially parents, spouses and children will learn and practice the above qualities from the school of Ahlol-Bait (A) and attempts to expand them to other institutions and communities .

  • Once appropriate numbers of students and capital is available the school will try to make unisex departments (campuses).

Ethics & Quran

The three major parts of Islamic (Ethical) studies will be covered with emphasis on story telling, discussions, presentations, research, videos, and activities to make the classes fun and satisfying for the students. The goal of the school is to make the Quran and Ethics classes the most joyful classes of the school with the focus on clarifying the position of Allah, the Prophet (SAW) and the infallible Imams (A) specially Imam Mahdi (A), and to increase students closeness to the living Imam (A). The critical areas are:

Quran Reading and Memorization

  • 10 small chapters per year (memorization)

  • Method of Tafkeek will be used for recitation of the Holly Quran

  • Meaning of the major words used in the Holly quran need to be known


Arabic & Foreign Languages

  • Arabic stories will cover ethical and morals based on the lives of the Ahlol-Bait to expand children’s personality as well as the language of Quran

  • At least one other foreign language will be taught based on California requirement per year (Spanish), Persian language based on request

Aghaed (Beliefs)

Akhlaq (Values)

Ahkam (Jurisprudence)

I. Towheed (Monotheism)

II. Adl (Justice)

III. Nabowat (Prophethood)

IV. Imamat (Leadership)

V. Maad (Day of Judgement)

I. Hagh Al-Nas (The Right of People)

II. Amr Maroof (Order to Good), Nahy Monkar (Forbid Bad)

III. Zohd

IV. Tawali & Tabari (Guardianship of the Allah & Ahlol-Bait (A), and staying away from their enemies)

I. Books of different maraji will be taught also stress is put on history and Islamic vocabulary




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